Delivering best-in-class building maintenance services across Syria has been our mission and it will be our success story in the future to come. Those services-janitorial services, operations and maintenance, landscaping, lighting and office - are offered individually, or fully integrated, are tailored to each customer’s unique building maintenance needs. The three level maintenance program we have created for our customers gave them the freedom to tailor their needs accordingly, and the services they require to suit their failities needs to keep it running in a break down free environment.

Integrated Facilities Services
Integrated Facilities Services Offer the flexibility necessary to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer. This comperhensive approach to facilities services provides the resources required for recurring, long-term, special event, and even emergency requirements of our clients. Outsource one maintenance service, or outsource many to take advantage of our value-added services. With our IFS option, management of our bundled services is also tailored to meet your specific facilities maintenance needs: Manage them with your in-house team; or take advantage of our experienced, specialized managers, who are available to partner with your company. IFS enable you to choose from basic and custodial services to highly specialized operations and facilities services approach lets you leverage a variety of services, including the operational excellence of our HVAC and mechanical maintenance, the technical expertise of our preventative and predictive maintenance, along with the technological advantages of our signature.

Operations & Maintenance
Our unique approach to IFS allows you to choose the degree of outsourcing services needed for your facilities. Whether bundling of various services or complete outsourcing services for your cleaning and maintenance operations, we can work with you to tailor .a program that meets your specific outsourcing needs the companies we serve have made significant investments in their physical assets-their building, plants and campuses. Accordingly, those assets need to be properly maintained to operate efficiently. A well-maintained facility provides occupants with a safe and productive work environment while creating lasting value. ,At the heart of a healthy facility is operations and maintenance in its purest form. HVAC plumbing, electrial, and general services-all are key contributors to an attractive and efficient .physical plant that will accure value long into the future

Preventive Maintenance
This service is based on a monthy visit to the facility which will take turn in checking over 50 points of interest, in addition to our five free emergency visits to the facility.
Tailored Maintenance
This service leaves the comfort of the selection for the customer to tailor the maintenance plan according to their needs, budget, facility, and financial plan.
Outsourcing Maintenance Package
This service will allow us to take the Facility maintenance services and implement Integrated Facility Services plan.

Electrical Maintenance
    Electrical Maintenance Services include:
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Elevators and escalators maintenance
  • Main gates and entry systems maintenance
  • Backup generators engines
  • Electrical doors maintenance

Electrical Maintenance
    Electrical Maintenance Services include:
  • DB and Control Boards maintenance
  • Electrical wiring maintenance
  • Lighting systems and component maintenance
  • Generators maintenance
  • Computer Networks maintenance
  • UPS systems maintenance

Electronic Systems Maintenance
    Installation of electronic systems Services Include:
  • Central Telephone Switchboard
  • Operating Systems
  • Computers Network
Safety Systems Maintenance
    Safety Systems Maintenance services include
  • Fire alarm systems maintenance
  • Fire extinguishers and sprinklers maintenance
  • Surveillance system maintenance
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Emergency lighting systems maintenance
  • Emergency exit maintenance